This is used to power the EcoBlade. It is also the power unit for other equipment we may need to hire to meet your needs. It is transported on our own truck.

EcoBlade and its support Ttruck

The EcoBlade is the most innovative and effective machine for treating larger areas of woody weeds. It is also helpful in controlling other weeds.

Dalliston Road, gorse control

We have 4 x 4 utes, one with a 10 metre boom spray, another with a twin reel Quik Spray unit with 200 metre hoses for spot spraying.

Quik Spray unit

Boom Spray Rig

We also have a compact 45 hp compact 4 x 4 Tractor and loader with 1.8m pasture mulcher and aerator.

If your Gorse, or other woody weed problem is too big for you to handle,
Regional Vic Farm Services – 0418105658 can handle it for you