THE ECOBLADE IS UNIQUE IN IT’S TREATMENT OF MAJOR WOODY WEEDS and should be your first option of treatment, particularly for Gorse (furze).


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It CUTS, MULCHES & CHEMICALLY PAINTS the cut stumps. This is the same method as hand cutting and painting but has the added advantage of mulching the woody weed tops and is done on a much bigger scale.

BSLCG showing chemical paint on stumps of gorse after EcoBlading


Because the technology is considered new you will not read about it in any of the weed journals, although a few articles are now being published, mostly related to the work done by Regional Vic Farm Services.






Look what it does to gorse:

BSLCG Gorse before Ecoblading #3

BSLCG Gorse after Ecoblading #3




The advantages of using the EcoBlade are:

  1. Very low amount of chemical used, targeting the root system of the weed being cut.
  2. Reduces the weed tops to a light layer of mulch
  3. Uses appropriate chemical allowing growth of grasses etc.
  4. Allows treatment of woody weeds in weather conditions which prevent other treatments.
  5. Allows treatment of woody weeds throughout the year. Only rain, wet ground conditions or heat waves stop the EcoBlade.
  6. Chemical is mainly contained within the confines of the EcoBlade, allowing very little chemical to drift off target.
  7. Provides immediate and permanent destruction of the weed being treated.

Regional Vic Farm Service has an EcoBlade that can cut a 6 foot swathe. Because it is mounted out the front of a 100 hp rubber tracked Terex compact loader, we can work on slopes, soft ground and in tight areas.

Sea of gorse awaiting the EcoBlade
McCormck gorse2





Mulching vs EcoBlade

Mulching chews up all the woody weed above ground without applying chemical. IT DOES NOT KILL THE ROOT SYSTEM.

This means that there is a healthy root system that will always regrow, so all that has happened is that you get a glimpse of what your land would look like without the woody weed. The mulch created in this way actually enhances the germination of new seedlings.

The EcoBlade mulches as well as placing chemical on the cut stumps that is IMMEDIATELY sealed in the root system, thus killing the whole plant. Interestingly it also seems to inhibit the growth of seedlings.

So, mulching creates a cycle of increasing weed renewal and the EcoBlade removes the weed from your land.



These photos were taken at Drummond North 6 months and 3 years after the gorse was cut with the EcoBlade.

There has been very little regrowth from the 1.5 metre tall gorse, so thick I could not walk through it, nor see over it!!!

In the photo below you can see the grass starting to grow through the old mulch, but no new gorse.





If your Gorse, or other woody weed problem is too big for you to handle,
Regional Vic Farm Services – 0418105658 can handle it for you