Spot Spray

Spot spraying uses a Quik spray unit, equipped with twin 200 metre hoses.

With an 800 Li chemical tank and a 13.5 hp electric motor coupled to a Bertolini diaphragm pump mounted on the back of a Nissan Patrol 4 x 4, our operators can access difficult and remote places.



Regional Vic Farm Services can treat a wide range of weeds with the hand spray (spot spray) rig, including gorse, blackberry, briar rose, thistles, pattersons curse and serrated tussock.

Being able to access areas that a boom spray cannot, the Quik Spray rig can help control your most difficult weeds.


If your Gorse, or other woody weed problem is too big for you to handle,
Regional Vic Farm Services – 0418105658 can handle it for you