BLACKBERRY – rubus fruiticosus (several varieties)

Blackberry bush











Blackberry is usually found along waterways and other damp areas, although it grows almost anywhere. Plants spread locally by the layering of canes. Clumps of blackberry bushes can get very large if unchecked – house size!

Treatment of blackberry is usually conducted in spring as the plant is deciduous, but in Central Victoria I have noticed that by July many of the Blackberry bushes have their new season’s leaves, and I have successfully killed it at this time of year. It can be sprayed from late winter right through until leaf fall in the autumn, being mindful not to spray in fruiting season if there is a chance the fruit may be picked.

Hand spraying is the most effective method of treatment, however there is often some regrowth requiring several applications. (We have at times achieved a complete kill with only one treatment). If the infestation is very large we may use the EcoBlade to reduce the size to something more manageable with hand spraying.

Vigilance is needed to find and treat new plants that may appear from time to time.

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