Sprayed Cape Weed


This is a generic description of a suite of weeds often present in pastures. They compete with the desirable grass species and so reduce the vigor of your pasture. Spraying as soon as the”autumn break” occurs is preferable as less chemical is required, however it can done anytime from the start of regeneration in autumn through to spring. Early spraying means the desirable pasture species have a better chance to grow.

Boom spraying is conducted using a selective broad leaf weed herbicide.

NB: Cat Ear ( Hypochoeris glabra L.), amongst other flat weed species, is thought to be causal in Australian Horse Stringhalt . We can help you to keep your horse pastures healthy and vigorous.


If your Gorse, or other woody weed problem is too big for you to handle,
Regional Vic Farm Services – 0418105658 can handle it for you info@solutionearthworks.com.au